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tmk's History

The core of tmk was born on a rainy weekend in 1999. After it turned out that it is really easy to have something like make embedded into Tcl, Hartmut continued extending and improving the core system and using it for his own private projects. Then he soon found that a lot of his collegues who were using make at that time really disliked their own (or copied) Makefiles very much.

When the next bigger project was planned, suddenly it seemed reasonable to use tmk instead of make. And so a larger number of people in the same group started using tmk for their software development. That number grew, and other groups of people somehow connected to Hartmut also joined in.

The next major push happened when Stefan joined in and started designing the configuration system. It suddenly seemed possible to port the code without further effort to other UNIXes, and even MS Windows systems came into reach for the same code using the same project control files. Taking large projects home on your personal laptop or copying on your desktop machine at home was also becoming more and more attractive using tmk.

So the result of this development was that several people encouraged Hartmut and Stefan to make their tool available to a broader audience, and to publish about the concepts behind tmk. That is what you can see happening right now. Since everything is just starting up, please do not expect too much from tmk and this site right now. But we will try to make tmk a convenient and wide-spread tool that pushes automation and scripting to a higher level.

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