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Welcome to the tmk web server at tmk.sourceforge.net.

tmk is a freely available tool that combines the functionality of a traditional make utility with the power of the Tcl scripting language. This makes it Swiss Army Knife for automating all kinds of tasks, e.g. in software development and systems administration. For more information about the ``why'' and ``what''see the description pages or one of the links below.

NEWS See ``Latest News'' on the sourceforge page.
Description and History of tmk The ``why'' and ``what'' of tmk.
tmk Documentation Area Here you can find all available documentation for tmk including
tmk Download Area Get the latest version of tmk.
tmk Mailing List General tmk news, Information about new releases, ...
Contact tmk How to get in touch with the people behind tmk

We are at present building tmk.sourceforge.net and apologize for any inconvenience due to incomplete or missing pages. If you are missing some crucial information feel free to contact us.

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