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tmk Installation FAQ


Question:  Where can I get tmk?
Answer:  tmk is freely available on the web, at http://tmk.sourceforge.net

Question:  What kind of license is tmk under?
Answer:  tmk runs under the GNU general public license (GPL). Please have a look at http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

Question:  What is the basic routine for installing tmk?
Answer:  First you have to download a tmk distribution, e.g. a file called tmk-[release-number].tgz from the web site http://tmk.sourceforge.net/download. Then, you unpack the .tgz file, thereby creating a new directory tmk-[release-number]/. After that, follow the instructions in the file README.INSTALL in that directory.

Question:  I've installed tmk on Mandrake 7.x and I get lots errors about missing C++ header files. Is g++ broken ?
Answer:  The default setup (1 CD) doesn't contain the libstdc++ headers. Installing the package libstdc++-devel-... should help.

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