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A short description of tmk

tmk is a Swiss Army Knife for automating all kinds of tasks, e.g. in software development and systems administration. Like the traditional make utility, it is based on checking whether certain tasks have to be performed because files have been modified. This way, you can automatically recompile all programs that depend on a certain file, or distribute data onto machines that are not yet up to date.

In addition, tmk has a lot of features that make has not. Most importantly, it provides higher levels of abstractions than make does. This is achieved through platform-independent commands and modules, and via the powerful configuration subsystem that allows to set up tmk for different platforms and sites.

Why tmk? the main features of tmk are:
What is tmk? Some background information about tmk.
The History of tmk. It all started on a rainy weekend in 1999 ...

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